Spanish eyes

by Malasañers

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WWR 209 - LC04926


released November 14, 2014

Recorded at Karma Studios (Spain) and Nobody Knows Studio (Germany)
Produced by Carlos del Pino & Elena Burdiel
Mixed by Carlos del Pino, Elena Burdiel & Arturo Reyes
Mastered by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Stusios (IN, USA)

Played by:

Carlos del Pino: voice, banjo, elec. & acoustic guitars, harmonica.
Elena MissBassPlayer: electric and acoustic guitars, ukelele.
Javier "Vicius" Cano: bass
Jordi Vila: drums

Miguel Fernández: fiddle in 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 09, 11, 13 tin whistle in 02, 09, mandolin in 08, accordion in 10, choirs in 10, 12
Max Heckel: fiddle in 01, 02, 08, 12
Juan Acosta: tin whistle and flutes in 01, 03, 06, 12
Walter Cantero: mandolin in 01, 02, 12

Cover by Juan Acosta
Malasañers logo by Carlos del Pino
Art design by Raquel Casais



all rights reserved


Malasañers Bamberg, Germany

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Track Name: Spanish Eyes
(Carlos del Pino, Brendan Murphy)

Those Spanish eyes are fading fast
And soon no more will see
Those Spanish eyes that've seen so much
So let me tell to thee

‘Twas in the year of ‘36
The Fascists came to call
They took the men both young and old
And put them to the wall

Those Spanish eyes are fading fast
And soon will see no more
If only she could live again
to see what the future lies in store

Then came the men from far and wide
To help the noble cause
They fought and laughed and loved and died
For the sake of Spanish eyes

They came from North, South, and East
From Dublin, Clare and from Kildare
Their mission here was all too clear
To halt the evil beast

Those Spanish eyes are fading fast
And soon will see no more
If only she could live again
to see what the future lies in store

Young Martin came from Kerry
A fisherman it’s true
they danced and drank and lived and loved
‘Til a bullet saw him through

Our life is all so very short
Of that so much is true
When brother’s killing brother
For shirts of different hue

Those Spanish eyes are fading fast
And soon will see no more
I´d give those eyes to be the one
To lead them from the ´fore

And in the end She had no fear
When the Blueshirts came to call
For they put she in a prison cell
And threw away the key

Those Spanish eyes have seen it all
And what they say is true
The tyrants they will never beat
The bravery of the few

Those Spanish eyes are fading fast
And soon will see no more
I´d give those eyes to be the one
To lead them as before
Track Name: King´s Shilling
(Carlos del Pino, Bryn Gorry)

Rhyme nor reason, can´t explain it
Why I stand on Spanish soil
All my memories are of Ireland
But the coat I wear is English wool

The choice they gave me was bread and water
And a paupers grave my certain faith
Or travel for the king of England
And keep the emperor from his gate

To fight for those who have enslaved me
To wave their flags and spill my blood
To turn my back on my own country
To leave my bones in foreign mud

The men I kill fight for their homeland
To make it strong and keep for her free
As the sun sets on Conemara
The guns of Badajoz will set for me
Track Name: Still Alive
(Carlos del Pino)

Long time ago I left the town
where the cruel syrens invited me
But in my dreams I still hear her
singing over the waves of the see

Those where the days when I met him
at the crossroads and I saw his face
At that moment I found out what real fear means
and I was not longer brave

But I'm back again and still alive
I've settled accounts and collected my thoughts
and she still shines bright on my mind
I hope she stands the test of time
and doesn´t throw in the towel

Nothing's change and it's all changed
Switched sides, reactionary skin.
Looking away, it's the easy way
but I've learned with open eyes how to dream
Track Name: Drunk and single in Madrid
(Carlos del Pino, Brendan Murphy)

Dublin was a dreary place
Way back in '84
Cash was tight and work was scarce
What's a man to do
When things are lookin' grim
I'll sell the bike, the books, the cat
and get a ticket to Madrid
I hear tell the women are lovely
and the beers are mighty cheap
Sure I might as well be drunk and single in Madrid

I landed in Madrid's oul' town
'twas hot and mighty queer
Sure how's a body to cool down
But grab yourself a beer
They don't do pints of any sort
Nor shape, nor type, nor flavour
But little glasses, thimble-sized
Which don't do any favours
But the grub is good
And the beers are cheap
I'm better off drunk and single in Madrid

So I decided to set up shop with a Spanish lass
And things were goin' fine
But after months of playin' cool
With promises of what's to come
She's treats me like a tool
No beers, no pubs, no rock and roll
No meetin' with me mates
Just sittin' in an' holdin' hands
And waitin' for me chance
Ah, you're better off drunk and single in Madrid

So here we are
And times have changed
' boot's on the other foot
The money's tight and work is scarce
They say that Ireland is the place
But I'm better off broke, drunk and single in Madrid
Track Name: Listen
(Carlos del Pino, Elena Burdiel)

Listen to the dying, they know that life won’t wait
Don´t you hide your dreams, don’t throw them away
Don´t trust anyone who talks only black or white
Get rid of those who won’t let you free your mind

Wake up every morning loving what you do
Happy that nobody but just you fill in your shoes
If you don’t have this feeling, something’s gotta change
Start living your own life before it is too late

Listen to the old pirates, what they have to say
Learn from their memories, the creases on their face
Listen to old stories, let them lead your way
Melodies remain when they’ve all been cleaned away

Listen to the whisper from unmerciful Death
She knows that who join her will always regret
All their wasted time, not having been themselves
plans that were abandon, the things they left unsaid
Track Name: Rights
(Carlos del Pino, Elena Burdiel)

There are rights, rights for liberty
There are rights, rights for life
There are rights, rights for equality
And they should never die

No one shall be made a slave
No one shall be subjected to cruelty
I´m sorry but, ¿why Don't I believe?
Looks great on paper, looks like a lie to me

Where are the rights we were promised?
Why you shoot us as the enemy?
Didn’t choose you to be our tyrants
But to preserve what we have built
Through our effort and/ through our blood

It’s not fair, dear grandparents
Your pensions are filling their accounts
By the time we get old enough
A red pill will be our reward.

No rights for the way you told me
To start to walk alone
No rights for the way they told me
I´m not useful to the firm, no more

Where are the rights we were promised?
Why you shoot us as if we were the enemy?
Do not choose for you were of our tyrants
Just to manage what it costs us so much to win
But you stole and let people die

It’s not fair the way we’re feeling
So abandoned, so unsafe, so insecure
They smile watching us bleeding
Let’s stand up, fight for our rights
Track Name: The Price of a Memory
(Carlos del Pino, Bryn Gorry)

Drawing patterns on windows
Writing your name in the sand
Carving a heart in an oak tree
Holding your head in my hand

Burning both ends of the candle
Saying goodbye in the rain
Losing myself in a bottle
Breaking the links in a chain

All that you dreamt no longer golden
The morning as dark as night
Your cards are high but still you fold them
and head for the flickering light
All of your hopes they all seem so far, far away

I might sail away to Jamaica
How long for I can´t say
The sky is as blue as the way that I feel
but the rum takes the feeling away

You entertained while the feeling remained
but without it you´re nothing but air
The sun and the breeze as it blows through the trees
leaves sadness and sand in my hair

Although we paid, it was not in cash
And we never paid what it was worth
The value instead is ingrained in my skin
And I´ll take it with me to the earth
All of your hopes they all seem so far, far away
Track Name: Tell why
(Carlos del Pino, Walter Cantero)

Tell why those many things
Banished away, were thrown away
And why with all of them
You went away, hurried away

Tell why you did me wrong
Was I to blame? Was I to blame?
And why you left me alone
I played your game, your filthy game

Tell why those shiny days
They never stayed, no they won’t stay
And half of me is gone
And passed away, yes swept away

Tell why you tossed me out
Into deep pain, you’re such a bane
And why all what I did
It was in vain, all was in vain

Listen to how I struggle babe
Listen while I whine
Listen to all the sweet old lies
Listen how love dies

But now my tears’ve been drained
I’ve overcome the mighty storm
And now my blood has thawed
And now it’s warm, hell yes it’s warm

Listen to what I’m trying to say
Listen while I’m on trial
Listen, now I’m not afraid
I’m pleased to say goodbye

And why my heart that night
was black & blue?, left black & blue
I guess that you were right
Don’t deserve you, don´t deserve you

Listen to what I have to say
Listen this your whole damn life
Listen how much I don’t care
Listen Oh how I cry

Listen to what I have to say
Listen this your whole damn life
Listen the last words I recite
Get out, you´re only strife
Track Name: Lucky Duckies
(Carlos del Pino, Elena Burdiel)

Born naive and clumsy
He was all heart
Ma’s little baby
The apple of her eyes

No one realised but
He was growing fast
Soon he had to face the world
and leave his mother’s clasp

He was feeling lonely
He found no one to trust
Everyone surrounding him
Made him feel bad

Was about to give up
When someday, by chance,
He met another dreamer
He found a real friend

This new mate was cagey
Had had a difficult life
Betrayed so many times
Afraid of getting hurt

He had found himself lost
And wandered for a while
Observing from a distance
The hope that wouldn’t arrive

Now they have each other
And the sun begins to shine
Now they see the moon and the stars
Above in the sky

They have started over
And feel strong enough
To clear every cloud that may be
Hindering the road

One day, no prior notice,
It got really dark
Shadows within the fog
T´was a quick attack but

They remained together
And threw away their fears
The proved that they could never
Ever be defeated

Many years have passed and
They can’t help but smile
Looking back to those days
when they fougth the rough times

Staring at the horizon
The last one of their lives
They’re so glad that evil
Couldn’t poison their minds
Track Name: Siege of Drogheda
(Carlos del pino, David Sheilds)

Twas in September, sixteen hundred and forty nine
In the emerald isle, on the banks of the river Boyne
Twelve thousand English fighting men with guns ready to pound
Descended on the south of fair old Drogheda town

A siege was fought and blood was spilled,
Heads put on display for all,
Survivors shipped to far away lands,
All guilty of standing tall,
Cromwells rage invoked by seeing fallen, comrades at the wall
No quarter was given, all put to the sword,
Again, we never will fall.

With the crown on our side, we readied ourselves,
The roundheads travelled to our shores, with Dublin already held,
A council was convened, resolute defence was declared,
An enemy in need of supplies, our ports their target we heard.

Our walls were high but thin, no match for the cannon fire,
Two breaches made, a surrender refused, our situation looked dire.
The town was taken, St. Peter´s destroyed, a massacre had begun,
Let no man say the cruelty of tyrants should be suffered by anyone.
Track Name: Walking towards the Waves
(Carlos del Pino, Bryn Gorry)

Welcome to the game called fortune
played by those who dare to dream
They're all damn liars and trouble causes
but they know their gold from brass

All my life I've fought my demons
knowing that I'll never win
But to face them is like freedom
from the hell I'm living in

I walked and I walked to the rolling sea
To mourn the one that's lost to me
and I walked and I walked I could only see
a wave of ghosts and one was me

I'm bored and I'm bored if I do not play
and risk throw-ing it all away
and I'm bored and I'm bored if I can't be caught
peace is what I was never taught

and I fall and I fall but do not land
I built my house of cards on sand
and I fall and I fall because it's what I know
I am rain, I am hail, I am sleet and snow
Track Name: Too many Fools
(Carlos del Pino, Walter Cantero)

Twelve thousand soldiers, too many fools
Sent out to war to wrest all from you
Bet they all run when they see us come
´Cause me boys are brave and we´ll get through

Twelve thousand cowards, too many fools
Soon will know they have nothing to do
They will come en masse but won´t break through
´cause me boy are strong and we won´t lose

too many fools, too many fools

You wanna take them, rise up your voice
We´ll stand and fight now there´s no choice
Die for your family, honor and pride,
Here they come, boys keep the banners high

Too many close their eyes and tasted the blood
When they were weip out of this world

Oh my young sweetheart, what have I done
They promised glory but there was none
Only the wails and shrieks of those
Who left behind them someone beloved
Track Name: Stoneheart
(Elena Burdiel)

Standing on the battlefield
How could my eyes be so blind
enemy amongst us entwined
Traitors made us taste defeat

In the dark, in the night,
Be prepared, you won’t survive,
you can scream, you will plead
and I’ll take what’s mine
In the dark, in the night,
Your damn life’s in my hands
and I won’t rest t’ill your blood is
spread on the land

Trapped, I can’t get through my path
twisted to agonizing pain
Anger running through my veins
Feeding my unbeating heart

You stole my life, my hope, my friends,
put my brothers underground.
By the foot of this very mound
I will have my sweet revenge